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Map Showing SEVO Permanent Courses & Maprun Courses


Permanent Orienteering Courses (POC) 

  • Marked with a green star on the above map

  • Ideal for use by schools, uniformed groups such as Scouts and families. 

  • Set up and maintained by SEVO in association with Local Sports Partnerships and the OPW

  • Courses are regularly updated

  • If you are not certain that you have the latest map downloaded, please email 

Maps can be found:

  • All on Orienteering Ireland here

  • County Waterford here

  • JFK Arboretum (under "Resources" here

  • Kilkenny Castle here

  • Castlecomer Discovery Park here



  • Marked with the phone symbol on the map above

  • Virtual orienteering using your mobile phone

  • Suitable for all levels of ability

  • Can be done at any time 

  • More details can be found here

  • See videos below to get a taster and a useful how to use Maprun video thanks to the Cork Sports Partnership

Physical Maps (to accompany the app) can be found:

  • County Kilkenny here

  • County Waterford here

  • Co. Carlow and Co. Wexford maps can be found in the app only


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