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Junior training at Mahon Falls

On the 3rd of February, SEVO produced a day of Orienteering Training in Mahon Falls for the Irish Junior Squad.

We met at 11am in the main car park and started in groups of 4 around a line course, which had 10 controls hidden on it. Taking turns, juniors would follow the line course to the next control. This was run on a version of the map that did not have paths or boulders - a popular version of the map when compared to the difficulty of reading the boulder detail.

After that, a star course was carried out, with each junior having to put out one or two controls. This was tricky, as it necessitated being as accurate as possible, in a technical area. When they had put out their control, they were tasked with finding the controls that the others had put out, deciding whether or not their colleagues were correct.

Following lunch, An attackpoint/catching features exercise was carried out, and then they had to do a Control pick course which was considerably difficult after the long day.

A big thank you to all the juniors and adults who participated and helped make the training go as well as it did.

Robert Pim (Planner)

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